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Donation of Lecturns to TAMCC

Good Morning!

I am very honoured today to attend this ceremony on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of M & N Hardware Ltd.

As a Company, M & N Hardware has always taken a keen interest in Community Development. This interest has often led us to contribute towards educational and extracurricular programs and activities developed by Schools or Centers in our Community.

It is true that young people are our future. As such, it is our obligation to ensure that they are well equipped with the best tools and the ideal environment to nurture and develop the traits that will one day enable them to stand up in society as efficient, knowledgeable and outstanding leaders.

Too often, the call to support efforts which improve the standards of education is viewed as charity, or worse, a financial burden. However, it should be recognised as one of the biggest investments we can make as organisations; an investment which ultimately has the potential to positively impact our future.

Therefore, it is vital that we are not solely content to believe in a well rounded and quality education, but to act on that belief. As public and private enterprises, when we take an interest, and invest in the quality of education our students receive today, we get it back in the quality of person we employ tomorrow.

Collaboration between the public and private sector can identify opportunities to create meaningful synergies which enhance the learning experience and

provide the necessary tools for knowledge to evolve. In contributing towards this achievement, as private sector enterprises, we will have embarked on a journey of Corporate Social Responsibility.

It is important to understand that this strategic partnership of cooperation and mutual support is not a one-off task, but rather the first step towards a continually developing relationship.

As we speak of collaborating to supply the tools and environment necessary to enhance the quality of education for students, we recognise that the T.A. Marryshow Community College (T.A.M.C.C) first took this initiative in order to provide, and I quote, “accessible quality educational and training opportunities to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals”, end quote. Indeed, this tertiary institute empowers graduates to take their place in society as entrepreneurs, teachers and leaders.

Dr. Jeffrey Britton, Distinguished Members of Faculty, the Student Body, I am pleased to represent M & N Hardware Ltd. as we hand over four (4) podiums to the T. A. Marryshow Community College. It is our privilege to equip these classrooms with the rostrum from which your teachers will continue to impart their knowledge and experience that prepares students for life after academia.

May you continue to strive for excellence.

Thank you.

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