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The Launch of Hope Royal Roofing: Feature Address

Mr. Chairman; Honourable Ministers, Specially Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, all protocols observed.

Good afternoon.

As I address you on behalf of the Board of Directors, it gives me great pleasure to add my special welcome to those already extended and thank you all for coming today to celebrate with us this milestone achievement for M & N Hardware Ltd.


In order for you to fully comprehend what we have achieved here today, you must first get an idea where we started. It is said that the fire of change begins with one small ember. Almost fifteen (15) years ago, a group of young men, brothers, had a vision to create a meaningful enterprise that would provide for them economically and become a legacy that could be passed on to future generations.

M & N Hardware Ltd. first opened its doors for business in November 1999 under very modest circumstances. The Partnership at that time had only two (2) full-time employees. However, the vision was always bigger than the circumstance and the business endeavoured to service the residents of its community and surrounding areas. That perseverance paid off and this year we will celebrate fifteen (15) years of growth and success.


The path to development has not always been an easy one, but as our customer base grew, so did demand. This gave us the drive to expand our product range and introduce new services which rival market standards. One such service is free island-wide delivery.

In September 2008, nine (9) years after it first opened for business, M & N Hardware incorporated to become a Limited Liability Company governed by a Board of Directors. The Company now employs over thirty-five (35) full-time employees. In addition to this, three (3) trainees from the IMANI programme are completing their internship with our Organisation. The addition of the Manufacturing Division has also created employment for four (4) additional full-time employees. With respect to the installation process, an extra six (6) to ten (10) persons will benefit from the creation of job opportunities.

One notable fact is that, amidst the changes made in terms of size, appearance, product lines, employee numbers etc., the business itself still operates as a family unit. Built on the basis of moral and business values and integrity, M & N Hardware has the atmosphere of a comfortable family home in spite of the endless buzz of activity. This warm and friendly environment is a unique part of our culture.

As we continue to fulfill our Mission to provide a wide range of high quality hardware products, building materials and select home goods, at the most competitive prices, this Company is positioned to be a market leader in terms of choice, style, quality and superior customer service. Our Vision to be the number (1) supplier of building and hardware materials in Grenada is being realized.


Ask any successful enterprise the key to their success and the answer will be “the willingness to adapt to change”. The world, indeed the business environment, is a much different place than we knew it ten (10) years ago. I am sure some of you here today can agree with me when I say that adapting to doing business in the modern world has been similar to learning a new language. But change we must. It is fundamental to survival.

M & N Hardware is a dynamic enterprise. As the needs and demands of our customers develop, we adapt to the changes and implement strategies to improve our products and services in a way that adds value and continually raises the bar for customer service, awareness and satisfaction.

The fact that we are all here today at this ceremony is a testimony to the strides we have made as a business. This company is already established as a retailer in hardware and building materials. However, we recognized an opportunity to capitalize on our resources and become a complete One-Stop Shop, from foundation to roof.

Expansion and differentiation has led us to construct a state-of-the-art wing which houses manufacturing equipment for galvanize, guttering and window production, as well as a Showroom. The entire infrastructure consists of three (3) separate buildings, warehouse facilities and offices, all conveniently located on the same compound.

When we thought to undertake this project, about seven (7) years ago, it was during the time of the economic downturn, a time when many businesses were cutting back, not expanding their operations. Many persons were apprehensive about the potential to make a success of this venture at that time. However, our Vision of how we saw the industry and the opportunity to grow our business, encouraged us to be optimistic and brave, in the face of the poor economic climate.

Today represents a significant moment for us as a business. We took advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself and because of that we are here to introduce Hope Royal Roofing, proudly named after our Community and a product of M & N Hardware Ltd. Manufactured using Silicon Modified Polyesters, this innovative coating technology offers unique stain resistance and excellent weather protection.

The roofing sheets come unpainted and pre-painted. The pre-painted are available in six (6) colours. It also meets international standards for quality according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 2008.

The equipment we will be using for manufacturing of the roofing material is a Double Layer Roll-Forming Machine that has the capacity to manufacture two (2) profiles.

The Ordinary Corrugated Type – shaped into ridges and grooves and; The Panel Profile – shaped in crowns and grooves. As local manufacturers of this product, we are able to guarantee customers of several advantages:

1. Sheet lengths can be cut according to customer specifications to reduce

costs and avoid wastage.

2. Outstanding gloss and colour retention.

3. Smog, dirt and similar surface contaminations are easily removed.


The Material list for Guttering, as outlined in the Brochure, itemizes the products available under the “Hope Royal Guttering” brand, manufactured according to your needs. As a purpose-driven organization, we believe it is important not only to increase our sales, but to educate customers as to their options and what will best suit their needs.

We are excited about this new division as it is a quantum leap for us; in that, we will now be our own brand of “homegrown” producers. We think that our customers will agree that this is an important step. It is worth mentioning that while galvanize has been available at our Company for several years, we were importers of this product. However, we are now at a stage where we can step up and be manufacturers, contributing to the local economy in terms of creating a viable and sustainable source of development.

As we engage in this venture, it is important that the final product represents what we have always stood for as a Company and that is QUALITY. Therefore, we will be using a system of Total Quality Management (TQM), where quality control is not implemented on the final product, but rather, each stage of production will have its own unique measures to ensure that the standards of quality are maintained during the actual fabrication. This method of measuring quality has proven to be the most effective and has achieved unparalleled results.

It requires that the workers undergo continual training and a quality inspection process be implemented. A product is only as good as the person actually making it and for this we believe in not only training employees and ensuring that they are fully equipped to carry out the technical details and procedures while meeting the standards required, but also in hiring good people who care about our business, clients and their property.

Whenever one speaks of manufacturing within a community, a prime concern is always that of the effect it will have on the environment and the residents.

To this extent, we can assure you that Hope Royal Roofing will not be a threat to the environment or residents. Rather it is a clean, safe and efficient service that adapts to its surroundings without harming it. This afternoon you will have the opportunity to tour our factory and gain first-hand knowledge about the manufacturing process.

At this time, I want to put this development in the context of our overall strategy. As a company operating in a competitive industry, it is important that we distinguish ourselves through product differentiation in terms of design, innovation and productivity.

M & N started out as a retailer of small hardware products and fittings. It then expanded to become a supplier of steel, lumber and plywood as well as plumbing, electrical and hardware materials etc. The Company has now transformed itself by becoming a manufacturer of Galvanize, Guttering and Windows, successfully moving up the value chain in terms of business diversification. We went the extra mile to further distinguish ourselves from our competitors and brand our product under what today is presented to you as Hope Royal Roofing.

Hope Royal Roofing offers customers a total solution that combines beauty, durability, functionality and satisfaction. It reflects M & N’s philosophy to deliver the best value to customers through high quality and innovative products.

Our Company is well positioned to benefit from economies of scale, enabling us to maximize output at a more affordable price. To stay relevant in this changing landscape, companies must continually reinforce their competitive edge by building core competencies and developing new capabilities to strengthen their foundations.

It is important to recognize that manufacturing projects such as this one is not only advantageous to the community and the country, in terms of job creation and availability of local products, but it also presents an opportunity to develop capacity-building partnerships regionally and internationally. We have been able to form meaningful ties with industry partners right here in Grenada, as well as from Trinidad, St. Vincent, the Dominican Republic, the United States and even as far away as China.

This initiative was developed because of our loyal contractors and customers, many of whom are here today to celebrate with us this significant occasion. It is your demand for products of high quality, products that can provide consumers a straightforward benchmark to make good decisions in an often competitive and overwhelming market place, which gives us the impetus to think creatively and push the barriers of innovation.

As we plan for the future, five (5), ten (10), twenty (20) years from now, we do not know exactly how the world would have again changed, what new technological advancements would propel us to stay ahead of the market.

However, this Company was born of an entrepreneurial spirit and this focuses our determination to sharpen our competitive edge and be a leader in the industry.

I thank you all for choosing to share this achievement with us and wish you a pleasant and memorable evening, and may the name M & N Hardware be forever in your minds.

Thank you.

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